Sunday, November 15, 2009

Man in the Mirror

It Starts With YOU!
You may not realize what a difference you can make in peoples lives. It truly is the little things that count. Life does get very busy but taking the extra time to help those in need is so important. If you can't do anything financially or physically just lend an ear, donate some old clothes, a winter coat you don't wear anymore, be friend someone in need of a friend. I think we all are guilty somehow of a selfish kind of love. . WE ALL CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I hope we all can strive to keep this in mind as Thanksgiving and Christmas come closer and think about all of the people all over the world that are not as fortunate as us. As Brie and I were reading our scriptures tonight we came across a scripture in The Book of Mormon it is Mosiah 29:34. "And he told them that these things ought not to be; but that the burden should come upon all the people, that every man might bear his part". We cannot leave it up to someone else, it starts with us and it is up to us!

"Man in the Mirror" Michael Jackson

I think MJ was not only world famous for his music, but his heart. RIP King of Pop.

RIP Garrett "G Rat" Robbins. Miss you everyday. Thank you for making a difference in my life. (My Brothers Klint and Kolby, Garrett is their little Brother) Brie really needs to do my life sketch lol. He died the same week as MJ, this was his favorite song and it reminds me of him:)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brianna Lee Longman!

Okay so here goes my story about my best friend Brie. She has been a rock in my life. I love you Brie and i am so proud of the courageous person you are and have become.

Brie was born in on January 1st 1987 in La Mesa, California. She was 7lbs 7 1/2 ozs and 21 inches long. From what i hear she was quite the spit fire from the beginning (see the picture above haha). Her hair was always done, bows in her hair and lace on her socks. She was her mothers miracle. Rebecca was told she could not have children and had multiple miscarriages before Brie came along. She was also diagnosed with cervical cancer 9 months after Brie was born. Her father Rocky left when she was just 18 months old. Rebecca and Brie were left to conquer the world together! And they sure did. After her father left and her mom was diagnosed with cancer they were literally left on the streets in California. Rebecca decided the best thing to do for her and her daughter would be to move back to Arizona where her family lived. They moved to Show Low, Arizona for a year while she got back on her feet. Then they moved to Mesa, Arizona where Brie grew until she was 14 years old. There she was very into friends. I hear she loved to go to the roller rinks! haha love it! She has always loved music (which i'm sure you will hear all about her trashy rocker t shirts later on). Then the Summer 2001 her Dad Rocky really wanted her to come up to Utah to visit. There she got very close to her 2 cousins Sharae and Jessica. Brie wanted to move to Utah so bad. So she begged her mom. What an amazing mom. Rebecca picked up everything and moved here! She moved to Pleasant Grove, Utah. She started at Pleasant Grove Junior High, she was an awesome student and got really good grades. She dated lots of boys, had tons of friends (this is when we met!) About this time her Mom met husband Ben and they got married. Just like about every teenager at the age of 16, friends were the priority at the time, Brie was not getting along with her Mom and her new husband Ben so she moved in with her Uncle Lance. Lance and Brie got very close:) and with his daughter Montana (picture above on the left) as well. Brie and I had been friends for a few years now and started to get close, we worked at Fazolis together woo hoo! We would often go to the Rec Center to workout and get in the hot tub. It is those deep conversations where we got to know each other and I then learned what a caring person Brie is. Brie is a very ambitious driven person. She sets many of goals and goes over and above in anything that she does. She played the violin for 4 years. She is very creative! She loves interior design it is her passion. She did an internship with Steve Peterson Interiors in High School and loved it. She loves Journalism and likes to write. She got her GED in 2005 and started college at UVSC. We went on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera that next year (i'm sure you will hear all about later) it was soo much fun! Little did i know she would shock us all a week later with running away to Las Vegas to get Married lol. She knew Austin for years clear back from when she lived in Mesa. She is always full of surprises:)i guess the marriage wasn't the best idea. A couple weeks later she was home:) (if you can't tell yet we are very sarcastic.. our lives are one big inside joke haha the picture on the right was taken a few summers later in las vegas) About a year later we decided it was time for a change! We saved up our money and moved out:) Brie loves to go fourwheeling and camping, Trips to Moab etc. She loves going to concerts and any kind of music from Country to Rock.. As we wrote about above we have lived in Pleasant Grove, Sandy and now Midvale (we are resigning our lease this week and it will carry through January 2011). 2009 sure brought a HUGE year of growth for both Brie and myself. The second week of January 2009 she found out that she was pregnant. We want to do a whole post on this and the amazing journey that it was so i will just keep this short and sweet for now. Brie took the reins and turned (another surprise) into a miracle for everyone involved. She met Que and Brittany at the end of June 2009 when she was 6 months along (the picture below left is when she told them she chose them). She placed her beautiful son Liam for adoption on October 17th. She has changed tremendously through this experience and in meeting Que and Brittany, they have made a huge impact on both of our lives. I feel so lucky to have been a part of everything. Brie is such a Courageous person. People tell her everyday but I don't think she truly sees what an amazing rock she is. So we talk about 2010 as if it is a new beginning. The divorce will finally be put through! (it got put off for years) lol. And a fresh start. She has so many goals that i know she will accomplish. She wants to get back to school:) Start traveling more. We are planning a trip to Costa Rica. We promised each other through all this we will make it to Africa together to do habitat for humanity. She recently got a job at the restaurant i work at (At the cliff lodge at Snowbird) i can't wait to get her on the mountain and to share my passion with her. Brie thank you for being you and helping me through every step of my life. I truly do believe that God puts people in our lives to prepare us for the future. I wouldn't make it through life without this girl and he knew it. Love you Brie!

Friday, November 6, 2009


We finally decided to create a blog! If you all are wondering why we are doing it together it is because we have been best friends through thick and thin. We met in junior high and hung out occasionally but didn't get super close attached at the hip like we are now until our senior year of high school. It was a rough year for us both, i (danielle) had lost my brother a couple years prior and my parents were going thugh a divorce. Brie had a lot on her plate with her mom getting remarried and moving in with her uncle lance:) Somehow we have always understood each other when we felt like nobody else was there. We moved into an apartment together in October 2007 with a friend Mandie. We were so excited! The whole place was decorated before we got the keys! We called it the Bungalow:) Then 6 months later moved to Sandy with our buddy Travis. We were ready for a change. We had a fun 9 months at that apartment! We had a kitty named muffin:) awe she was cross eyed. We were hiding her from the apt manager they were coming to inspect so we left the house for a couple hours. Silly girls. We took a freaking cat to a park! W/o a leash! muffin ran away:( So we tried again. HIS name what kitter whitter hahaha. (first problem we got a boy. he couldn't be a sister bear). Our friend Ryan (i am sure you will learn about later) named him antwon. This cat was a menace. Lets just say lots of squirt bottles full of water and vinegar! WE GAVE UP! haha. We took him back to the humane society! Awe sad. Brie cried so hard and said we can't take care of a cat!!! (this however was one month before she found out she was pregnant haha) I'm not gonna lie taking that cat back i disliked him but i cried.BUT! We have succeeded with our sister bear Skye:) She has been EVERYWHERE with us. She is such a good dog. We have decided to try again with another kitty! Brittany (you will learn all about her later) named her Bellatrix! (off of harry potter)Ryan named this one Esmerelda. This will be kitty number 3! wish us luck! So the day after Christmas of 2008 we moved into our lovely house (yard, garage and all!) in Midvale with our wonderful roommate Shawna! We love it! So now we're up to date and our next post we thought it would be cool to each tell you about the other.. so brie's going to write about me (lets see how good she does) and i will write about her :) This'll be a great introduction.. stay tuned.